Trading & Engineering Services

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Company Background

MAFIX World is a global Trading and Engineering Services company that involve in various types of industries such as Automotive, O&G and Manufacturing. We understand our client's needs and we assist them in developing technology solutions. 

By offering high quality products and services, we ensure our clients will be satisfied and continue to collaborate with us in their future endeavors. Extensive market knowledge, relentless customer services and passionate employees are key success factor of our reliable performance

MAFIX World is a 100% Bumiputra owned company founded by 3 young entrepreneurs with different background and expertise from various industries such as Oil & Gas, Automotive and Construction. By combining different levels of expertise, MAFIX World is created to support the current local and international markets. 

Business Partners

MAFIX World has business partners from different countries around the world such as Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United State, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, China and South Korea. We bring the technology to our clients together with after market sales and support. Our responsibility is to give the best services to our clients with great quality products. 

Quality Policy

Our main priority is to ensure optimum quality in our products and services. We believe by providing top quality products and services, MAFIX World will be a well trusted brand worldwide.